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    Mobile site - Livecopy: how to assign different template to the new pages




      I am trying to use the livecopy/blueprint to create a mobile site.


      I looked at the Geometrixx example and noticed that all the child pages have a different template to the normal size site. The template is called 'Content page without sidebar'. I'm just wondering at which step this template is applied to the livecopy site? I created a livecopy based on my normal size site but don't seem to be able to change the template.


      Could someone point out how this is done? Hopefully steps? I notice the steps of doing this (create livecopy, rollout configure etc is important). The online document on 'Multi site mananger' does not document this change of template information, unless I have missed it somewhere?


      http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/multi_site_manager.html#Rollout%20Conf igurations%20Available%20in%20CQ