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    Transparency Flattener and duotone problems

    YachtFocusDesign Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I am working on a almanak and the book will be printed in 2 colors. black and cyan.

      now, there are some maps in it and they are made in illustrator in 2 colors cyan and black.

      i want to export the the pdf in 2 colors. cyan and black


      Here is the problem,

      as soon as i use the flattener no mather what option of it the pdf file includes magenta and yello too.


      so how can i fix this, how to export a flattened pdf file that has only 2 colors. only black and cyan? basically no color conversation.

      when i don't choose no color conversation and chose acrobat 5 and higher (flattener is then off) there are no problems and i see only the right colors in acrobat pro (cyan and black).

      but i need to flattener my ai images. so how do i fix this. flattened pdf file in doutone as it is. not cmyk


      sorry for bad english.