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    Exporting to SWF - interactive indesign documents


      Hi guys,


      Ok so I have been playing around again with the idea of producing some interactive wire frames using indesign and exporting to swf. I have a global nav at the top that is working just fine. I also have some links futher down the page, and that's where the problem is.


      Let's say I have a link called 'Map' half way down the page. It's a long page around 4000 px. So let's say the 'Map' link 2000 px down the page. When I click on the link it takes be to the map page, but postions me at 2000 pixles down the page. Not at the top of the page where I want to be.


      I have had a play around with the Zoom drop down but I am not having any success.


      I don't want to export to pdf as I want to be able to set target pages for the links with in indesign, and not have to mess around in acrobat after (potentialy This document will have a tonne of pages).


      Anyone got any ideas (please)