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    Source monitor and programm monitor stopped displaying anything


      Hey there,


      I'm a CS6 Production Premium user and in severe trouble here: I'm working on a big 1080p AVC-Intra50 project for a client that is due next monday. I'm close to completion, but a couple of days ago, the source monitor stopped displaying video. It would show a still as I loaded in a clip, but as soon as I played back, the source monitor simply went black. The clip was playing though and audio can be heard. Not that big a problem, I thought, and simply used the program monitor for playback. But yesterday, the same thing happened to the program monitor as well. But not just that: Even the stills are gone now. Both monitors remain black at all times, even though playback and sound still work. So I got curious and tried different materials and different projects: AVCHD, DNxHD, even JPEGS, nothing shows on either monitors, regardless of the resolution. Still, everything works just fine on my laptop.

      So I completely uninstalled the entire Creative Suite, used the Clean Script multiple times, including reboots, deleted all remaining files from user and windows directories and updated all my hardware to the latest drivers. Nothing. Both monitors remain black and useless. I didn't change anything to my Adobe setup, nor my hardware or software configuration while this error occured. I searched the web for hours and I'm completely at my wits' end. Any suggestions?


      My system:

      Windows 7 x64

      Intel Core i7 2600k

      8 GB RAM

      ATi 6870