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    Can I make 2-sided, tiled prints?

    jodyr Level 1

      Hello all.


      I work at a firm that makes "maps" of business and social interest topics. These all print larger than the largest paper size in our Canon imageRunner 7065. Thus, we print out tiled copies and tape them together for proofing. Most of the maps are two-sided, and we usually print out each side separately. I've been trying to print 2-sided, tiled prints lately, but I keep running into the same problem. Using landscape orientation and short-edge binding on a four-section print, I'm finding that the upper two tiles get printed with the same side (the front), while the lower two tiles get printed with the back. So, rather than the first tile having the upper left corner of Side One against the upper right corner of Side Two, it has the same side printed on each side. I'm using Print: Setup: Tile: Auto Justified, so, the two sides should more or less line up with perhaps a bit of image shifting required. I've tried every combination of landscape vs. portrait vs. short-edge vs. long-edge binding, but I keep getting Side One printed on the top two tiles, and Side Two printed on both sides of the bottom two tiles. Does anyone have a solution that would result in Side One being printed on all four tiles on one side, and Side Two printed on all four tiles on the other side?


      Please note: I know how to do this by running the 4 sheets through the printer twice. I'm trying to make this happen as a single operation. The Canon has a brand new Fiery processor (Canon GX300 V2.0), in case the features I'm looking for live there rather than in the version of InDesign CS5.5 that I'm using.


      Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


      Jody Radzik

      IFTF Production

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          ID prints the tiles in consecutive order for each side, I think, before moving to the next side. Even if your printer were accurate enough to get the front-to-back registration correct -- which I can reasonably guarantee it is not -- if you duplex, tile two of side one is always going to fall on the back side of tile one of side one if they print in order.


          There's also the issue of the overlap. Even if the correct tiles appear on the correct sides, I think you'll find that they are offset from each other by the amount of overlap.

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            jodyr Level 1

            Hello Peter.


            Thanks for your response. I've been told by a technican at Canon that our machine will print front to back within 1 mm, which is accurate enough for our purposes. The overlap issue is corrected by the use of Tile: Auto Justify. As I said, I can do this in two operations (printing one side, shuffling the paper properly, and then sending the paper through again), but I'd like to find a way to do this in one operation.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              As I said, I don't think ID prints tiles one from page 1, then one from page 2. And "within 1 mm" means plus or minus 1 mm, for a total mis-registration potential of 2mm horizontal and 2mm vertical. If that's accurate enough for proofing I wonder why a scaled print wouldn't do as well.