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    Why the stop(); function is interfering with another function?


      I have the code that Ned Murphy give me yesterday and it's going perfect, but when I put the function stop(); so my frames don't go crazy, this code dose not work anymore.

      The button  ( b4) that has this code is in a big movieclip with other buttons, and the code is placed on the first layer in the main timeline, not in the movieclip. So my question is... why the stop(); function is interfering with this code? What I'm doing wrong?

      The button (b4) has also a code that is in post it in the button and that one has no problem with stop();


      Here is the code that is on the main timeline and it's not working when I put stop(); on the timeline of the movieclip that has the button.


      bot.bott4._visible =  false;

           b4.onRelease = function(){

        bot.bott4._visible = !bot.bott4._ visible;



      The code that is in the button is:


      on (release)







      Thank you