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    Save document

    MadMich Level 1

      Hi, I have a signature field script that displays a button field when signed.

      My question is how do i save the document so that when the user reopens the file the button field remains visible?


      The reason I ask this is I am finding some users are closing the document once signed. When they open it back up the  button field has disappeared because the document was not resaved!


      I need to make sure that once signed the field button is revealed and the document is saved so that the button remains visible.

      Any pointers would be appreciated.



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Can you provide more inforamtion?


          Is Reader being used?


          Is Apple Preview being used?


          Are smart phones, tablets, eReaders being used?


          What programs are being used for reading and what devices are being used to view and sign the PDFs?


          All of the above have unique properties that may require different solutions. Apps for tablets and smart phones have a great range or lack of features.

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            MadMich Level 1

            Hi, Thanks for getting in touch.


            This is purely Acrobat pro 9 being used on a mac, no smart phones, tablets, ereaders are being used.


            The Acro form has 2 signatures and a button field. Only the first signature field is visible. When the user signs this the button field is made visible using a validation script. When the button is pressed the second signature is made visible.

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              gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Are you sure none of the users are using Reader.


              Installing Reader after Acrobat will make Reader the default application for opening PDF files.


              You may need to instruct users of the need to either remove Reader or learn how to tell when they are in Reader. You could also enable Extended Reader Rights which would allow Reader to save the file and form data.

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                MadMich Level 1

                Definately not using reader. I have tested it in Acrobat pro 9 and get the same problem.


                Would it be possible to just use  app.execMenuItem("Save") on document close?


                Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.



                I have uploaded a file as a simple example: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=wDeiJA7L44eSr9NXnspycw

                If you sign the file and close the document without saving the signature remains but the button is hidden.

                If you sign the file and save the document the signature remains and the button is visible?

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                  MadMich Level 1

                  Actually app.execMenuItem("Save") on document close would be a bad idea!


                  I think i need to work out a script that will save automatically when the the button is displayed. Any pointers in that direction?