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    Accessible Premiere Elements Reference PDF




      I would like to know if there is a place to get a low vision accessible version of the Premiere Elements Reference PDF (located here: http://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere-elements_reference.pdf).  I'm legally blind and I cannot access the linked version of this document.  I am not trying to use a screen reader.  I am trying to set the page display properties to alter the color of the background and the text, using the following steps :


      [Right click on document] - Page Display Preferences - Accessibility - Replace Document Colors - Custom Colors - [Page background: (black)  Document Text (white)].


      In the linked document above, the document background will change to black, but the text color does not change.  Is there a way to request this PDF (or others) in an accessible version from Adobe?  I've tried calling customer support, but I've been given the runaround, since I need help with an online document, rather than the software itself. 


      I apologize if I'm in the wrong forum and I'll be happy to repost to the correct forum.  Thanks!