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    Bitrate Balancing for DVD


      Hey guys,


      I'm trying to fit multiple sermons (about 30 minutes each) on a DVD. I've seen many churches do this, and I feel like the quality is leaps and bounds a head of what I'm producing.


      I'm currently capturing using a Blackmagic DeckLink (SD-SDI) in an 8-bit AVI 720x486. I import that file into Premiere (CS6) using Blackmagic's sequence settings, and export to an MPEG-2 DVD same resolution. I've tried different settings for VBR and CBR using maximum bit depth and still everything seems blocky and loses so much definition. I realize that the more I compress the file, the worse the video will look, I'm trying to fit 3-4 sermons per DVD(single layer). Am I wrong in assuming that's too many for one disc? The original file looks fine, but as soon as it's compressed to ANY format I lose all the dynamic range of the colors. Blacks look more grey, the image is blocky. Is there a better preset than MPEG-2 DVD?


      Thanks in advance everyone