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    Comment and Suggestion


      I sincerely appreciate the timely responses I received from the members of this forum regarding the color exchange on the Photoshop Touch App.  I did see that I didn't use the -100% for red and 100% for blue and green.  What happened is when looking at the tutorial, the minus sign is so slight and close to the rest of the sentence that it really isn't noticeable.  Someone else had to manually show me where the mistake was, and from there, it seems to work.  And, I didn't know that these adjustments can be made to create various color combinations.


      I think that the minor issue of the minus sign having a bit more space from the preceding words or to at least make it more boldface so that it is noticed, and how to create the various colors should be mentioned.  I'm sure that most people are much more experienced with these programs than I am, so it probably isn't noticeable to the average person, but for the green newbie, that may help a bit more.


      Anyhow, I am really excited about working with this program.  In fact, I purchased it for both of my tablets, my Kindle Fire HD 7" as well as my iPad mini.  this way, I can always have something available to practice with on my spare time. 


      Thank you all for the fast responses and making yourselves available!