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    Selling an Old version of Photoshop

    TmpArt1 Level 1

      Buried in the EULA are the parameters to sell an older version of Photoshop (or any CS product).  Included in these requirements is a little line that says you must have the original proof of purchase, which, if it was bought at a brick and mortar store, will be the cash register receipt.  Well, I bought CS3 five years ago from Best Buy.  Now that I have bought CS6 for Apple, I don't need the older version, which is still perfectly usable and a wonderful product.  But I do not have the cash register receipt.  Therefore, per the EULA, I cannot sell this copy of photoshop to another without that piece of paper.


      Does anyone know how this can be handled at this point, or am I screwed?  I love photoshop, but Adobe is pretty awful in terms of customer care.  I don't even know if I can donate it to a school, my family or anyone else.  Any ideas?