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    sending data in and out of flash

      I have a new project that I am trying to build. I want to be able to send information into an swf file dynmaically, store it and finally display it on that .swf file. In the past I used text files (information obviously stored in the text file), but it will not work this time because I want to change the information dynamically on the web (html form).

      I was thinking about setting up an html form that would post data to a php page, and then send that info to the swf. My only concern with ths method that data dosn't stay there. If I run the .swf file before I use the form, the swf will compain that there is no info. And thats sorta my point. I want to data to "be there", and only changes if resend the form.

      Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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          Charles Parcell Level 1
          You need to have some location where the data is stored. Reading data into a swf is dynamic and volitile. When you read data into a swf you are only reading it into memory really, not into the actual swf document. This means that anytime you reload the page you are going to lose the data. This means you have to have somelocation where the data is saved. In your previous experience you did this via a text file.

          Since you have access to a server with PHP you could have your HTML/PHP form write out an XML document to the server. The swf file would read in this XML everytime it loads. The XML document would only ever change anytime you resubmit your HTML/PHP form and the XML file is rewritten.

          Of course you could jsut as easily write a text file out of PHP and read it in like you have done previously. XML is simpler in most cases.

          I hope that makes sense and is helpful.