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    Running simple flash animations on iPad.


      I am a teacher who uses flash animations as an instructional tool. Most are very short little animations showing things like volcanoes erupting or the inner workings of a tree. Each is linked with a button on the main menu page. I was wondering if there is a way, using the new tools in CS6, to convert this into an iPad app?   I have some scripting experience but I am not a programmer.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can publish it as an iPad app if you have an iOS certificate or you may be able to find a generic certificate but you'll only be able to install on a jail-broken iPad.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            If you used a lot of masking (very useful in those types of animation projects), many layers, lots of vectors and other non-optimized standard display list animating you'll find your performance will be terrible. It's easy to think of an iPad like a mini laptop but even the latest A6X is about as powerful as a 6 year old laptop. And that's a huge bump up from iPad3 (A5X) and iPad2 (A5) which run about the same. On iPad1 (single A4) your project probably won't even be playable. There's a huge difference between them but even the top of the line needs to be viewed as what it is, a glorified phone with a pretty decent GPU.


            Do you have any Android tablets or phones at your disposal? You can instantly create your own certificate to export to these devices and even test on them directly over USB (once you enable USB debugging). If you do, make a quick test project and if the device is within the last 3 years you should get at least a small taste (though not at all exactly) of how a "device" renders the Flash display list.


            Not to beat the dead horse but, iOS nor Android (nor any "device") outside a laptop or desktop is going to run at performance levels you're used to. They run unforgivingly slow if you don't plan complex animations for the GPU (Stage3D). They'll run miserably.