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    Indesign Crashing with .indb Book file

    Josh_B_369 Level 1


      I'm having an issue with using the Book pallette crashing InDesign every time I try to edit it.

      I've found many people having crashing issues on Mac OSX and with exporting to PDF but can't seem to find an instance of crashes due to Book files.


      Basically every time I try to delete, move, add a page to the Book (.indb file), InDesign will pop up a dialogue "Updating page an section numbers" and update the docs within the Book. This works as it should until I add one of my Chapters (largest chapter at: 26, 884 KB). It then proceeds to crash after trying to udate the book every time I try to edit it.


      I'm wondering if there is a Book size restriction or a Chapter size restriction, as the only real difference this chapter has is size. All the Chapters together equate 108, 450 KB, which I would have thought InDesign could handle, which makes me doubt that file size is the issue.


      The whole Book is only 98 pages.