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    Premiere Pro loses link to footage


      I am using Premiere Pro CS5 and every once in a while when opening a project file Premiere loads some footage and some not.


      For example: I have my footage (.mts files), let's say the files are called 0001.mts to 0235.mts.

      Premiere then loads then only half of the clips. And it's not organized like the first or second half is missing. It's like 0005.mts, 0017.mts, 0018.mts, 0023.mts etc. are missing. So totally random files.


      I then have to relocate every single missing clip which is really a pain when working in a project with over 600 different files!!


      Does anybody know how to fix this?


      (And to get this right: I haven't touched the original files or moved them to a different path in the meantime.)



      I have Premiere Pro CS5 on Windows 7