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    array trouble

    lammspillning Level 1
      Is it possible to run threw a array if I run it from another movieclip?
      I have an array and a function on the root timeline. And in a movieclip I have a button that should run threw the array and the function when I press it.
      I can't get it to work.. any suggestions?
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          dr_ross Level 1
          double post
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            dr_ross Level 1
            well you just need to narrow down the issue, check that the function is being called when you action the button with a trace command.

            Then you need to check how you are referencing the array,

            you could either do a quick hack,

            //on root
            _root.myArray = [1,2,3,4];

            //on button nested anywhere

            or have the code applied to the button from the root as well then scope back using _parent or a path variable