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      does anybody run premiere pro cs6 on ultrabooks, for example sony vaio z-series or samsung series 9 or asus zenbook?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do any of those at least match the MINIMUM requirements?



          NOTE that the requirements for EFFECTIVE editing are above the minimum to install

          This message has a really good graphic about requirements

          - http://forums.adobe.com/thread/810750

          More about Requirements http://forums.adobe.com/thread/618058



          Laptop Video Editing PC



          -Edit 4k video http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1108124

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            14102000@bayern-mail.de Level 1

            hi, thanks for your answer.

            the systems i am asking for are high-end and quiet fast (i7 4k, ssd and fast and highres. gpu s). I just wanted to know, if there is anybody, who uses PP6 on such a ultrabook.

            my direktion is to have light editing system with me to make some instant corrections, not 4kg laptop. the mainwork will be done at home on a workstation.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              None of these ultrabooks have TWO drives, which is minimum requirement, so that means an extra eSATA 7200 RPM external drive and a wall outlet to power both devices. Seems senseless to me, but hey, I'm spoiled.

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                Alex - DV411 Level 2

                None of these ultrabooks have TWO drives, which is minimum requirement

                Harm, last I checked, the following sentence does not constitute a requirement, but rather, a recommendation:


                "7200 RPM hard drive (multiple fast disk drives, preferably RAID 0 configured, recommended)"


                (Yes, I think you are spoiled. )

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                  Alex - DV411 Level 2

                  my direktion is to have light editing system with me to make some instant corrections, not 4kg laptop. the mainwork will be done at home on a workstation.

                  While I don't know anyone editing on an Ultrabook yet, I've done light duty editing (including Red R3D files) on a 2009 MBP (Bootcamp-Win7P-64, Adobe Pr CS5), which is certifiably slower than most of today's Ultrabooks.  As long as you don't set your expectations too high, you should be in good shape.


                  My only beef with Ultrabooks is low max memory (4-8GB), so I'd look for one that can accommodate at least 16GB if possible.  That said, light duty editing can be successfully done even with 4GB of it - although that may change with future Premiere Pro versions.

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7



                    Up to CS4 Adobe specified TWO disks as minimum requirements (a DEDICATED disk). From CS5 the Marketing department left out that requirement, despite the significantly higher hardware requirements, for commercial reasons. They got further from the truth and that is something I abhor. Still, if you follow Adobe's minimum requirements, the program will INSTALL, but it will not RUN, it will only saunter at a snails pace, an elderly and handicapped one for that matter, slower than molasses in winter.

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                      Alex - DV411 Level 2

                      Yes, Harm, the fastest transportation for the most of human history was... horse.  Shall we re-introduce a 5kmh speed limit on autobahns?


                      Computer performance doubles on the average every 18 months.


                      Why would anyone want to hold today's computers hostage to yesterday's requirements?  (Excluding Harm, for he is admittedly spoiled. )


                      If you think it was Adobe marketing department, it doesn't make it a fact.  (You really think you can't edit and run OS on a single SSD?  Or even HDD?  People are doing that, you know - too bad they didn't ask you first.)


                      You are spoiled, you know?

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                        Harm Millaard Level 7
                        Computer performance doubles on the average every 18 months.



                        Not true. CPU may double in numbers of transistors, not in performance. It is simply not true that a three year old i7-920 is more than two times slower than an i7-3770, despite the higher clock speed of the latter. Hard disk, memory and video card performance, all an integral part of the computer, do not follow that trend either.


                        Are you saying that three year old memory DDR3-1600 is now twice as fast, or a GTX 680 is twice as fast as a three year old GTX 480, or a three year old 7200 RPM disk is two times slower than a current day 7200 RPM disk? You got to be kidding.


                        And in your reasoning a three year (36 months) difference would amount to a quadruple performance, not only double. So a three year old computer would give only 25% of the performance of a new system. That is utterly unrealistic, but highly desirable.

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                          JEShort01 Level 4

                          Regarding Sony's Z-series laptops, they are small, light, but also pretty darn powerful. Their current models seem to use the Intel cpu/gpu solution and will not provide you with any Mercury Playback Engine (MPE) benefits from Adobe Premiere CS5 and above. They did have some models previously if you could find one that included nVidia GPU's I think.


                          The VAIO Z-series uses SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration all on the motherboard -- esentially the performance of two SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration. They are expensive, but their disk (actually no disk!) I/O should be pretty good. You may want to supplement any solution you go with with an external drive too.


                          The Z-series also has some pretty high resolution displays -- from memory 1980 x 1080 in a tiny 13.1" form factor.





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                            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            >If you think it was Adobe marketing department, it doesn't make it a fact.


                            I remember reading a long message thread discussing requirements, sometime in the last 2+ years after CS5 was released, where one of the (few) Adobe employees who (sometimes) posts here made the comment (paraphrased, I didn't save the link, so only from memory) that the Engineering and Marketing staff did not agree about what should be said on Adobe's sales site... and the Marketing staff won


                            I have read many messages from new users asking about "slow or choppy" playback, and when Q&A results in learning they have only one hard drive, the person is advised to buy a 2nd 7200rpm hard drive for all video files... and some of them even come back later and say that adding a 2nd hard drive DID help


                            I also think Adobe Marketing should change the sales page to say that a 2nd, 7200rpm hard drive is needed for EFFECTIVE video editing... with RAID listed for the specific file types that need higher data transfer speed


                            I use 3 drives... but I only edit AVCHD which is more CPU intensive rather than data transfer intensive... but, I started Jan 2002 with a pre-built Alienware computer with 2 drives and Premiere 6, so I knew long before building my own CS5 computer that more than 1 hard drive is required for effective video editing

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                              Alex - DV411 Level 2

                              Not true.

                              The Economist (amongst others) thinks it is.


                              Of course there are variables and performance is always application-specific: a 100% faster computer doesn't mean the application will work 100% faster.


                              That wasn't the point though, was it?  The point: two drives (sets) is not a requirement no matter how you cut it.  A good recommendation, sure.


                              Just admit it, Harm, and quit being so stubborn. Have a beer.

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                                I edit on a laptop and looked into the sony ultra books before settling on the alienware m14x. If I remember corectly the processor is dual core, which caused me to decide against purchasing it. They are nice computers though...

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                                  14102000@bayern-mail.de Level 1


                                  I puchased premiere pro cs6 in july. There is nothing marked about win8. Is possible to install this version on a win8-system?



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                                    Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                                    Yes it works but you have to tune it to get rid of the garbage.

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                                      14102000@bayern-mail.de Level 1

                                      what do you mean with garbage?

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                                        Harm Millaard Level 7

                                        Everything, apart from the basic OS.


                                        Anti whatever, office like stuff, games, sound, media, readers, and the like, everything that comes pre-installed, plus everything that the OS installs that is not needed, like games, MSN, IE, sidebar, indexing, compression, services not needed, etc.


                                        When you buy a new system, in general reformat the boot disk and install only what you need and then start tuning.

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                                          Alex - DV411 Level 2

                                          When you buy a new system, in general reformat the boot disk and install only what you need and then start tuning.

                                          Respectfully disagree. May be the case on consumer systems - rarely the case on business (workstation class) systems.  Don't think we've ever done it on systems shipped to clients, and they aren't complaining.


                                          Then there's Microsoft Signature initiative.

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                                            jaqen Level 1



                                            I wish to add in my own opinion (and is just my opinion) about what I believe the OP needs.


                                            I keep checking out these forums from time to time and there has been a rapidly rising trend for people asking more and more about editing on laptops. I myself posted in the past quite a bit since I also needed a laptop. The very fact that they are considering laptops for editing and not going for more powerful AND cheaper desktop alternatives means that they need systems that are not going to be used for very heavy duty editing and for general usage as well, and a laptop is ideal due to comfort using it for general computing.


                                            I have also personally met and seen people who have configured systems with nVidia non-supported cards WITHOUT the hack and are more than happy not knowing whats going on and that their card has never really been used by premiere without the file modification.


                                            However, even RED4k footage can be (theoretically) edited EFFECTIVELY on a minimum requirement PC if the experts here start recommending people how to do proxy/offline edits. Even for the extremely non-technical folks, there are youtube links with easy to understand directions on how to do that.






                                            I will post links later as do not have access to youtube now, or anyone can simply search for 'proxy edit' or 'offline edit' on youtube.


                                            People with even terrible systems with 1 hdd and 4 gigs ram can merrily hack away at footage without much worries. Yes, there will be a few additional steps and time required, but they can still pull off something acceptable this way.


                                            Another thing, there are caddys on ebay for $10 that swap out the optical drives of the laptops with an internal enclosure which allows another harddisk to be added. I am using this myself on a lenovo W520 and have 2 7200 RPM harddrives. I can even add in a 3rd MSATA SSD drive as this laptop allows that (you can even order one from lenovo with RAID already installed and 2 drives).




                                            Therefore, yes, I do believe that it is possible to edit just about anything (save very high bitrate footage that needs to be done quickly) on just about anything (if the transcoding time and disk space are available).


                                            I once again wish to clarify that the above is geared towards non-professionaly like myself (or even for professionals having a really bad day) but this technique can become even more effective if intel's Quicksync transcoding engine is used, which is the fastest at video transcoding at this time. (have not checked this out myself yet)


                                            I hope this was helpful. I would be more than happy for any criticism and advice from the experts here because I learnt a lot through them and hope to learn more.



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                                              Jeff Bellune Level 6

                                              I agree completely.  I have a laptop that I use when I'm traveling, and I can get work done with it on the road.  My beefy system (at least it used to be beefy 4 years ago) stays at home and I wait until I get back to do any heavy lifting on my projects.  But I use the laptop in concert with a very portable 7200 RPM external eSATA drive to be productive while I'm away.  It's not ideal, but it ain't bad, either.  The computer has a single i7 3635QM @ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM and a 5400 RPM internal drive.  I can even use CUDA for Hardware MPE because it's got a GT 650M.