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    Link a Form Field to new Text Field

    DaLe Zki Level 1

      PDF - form field


      Looking for a code to link a form field(text_1, on page #5) to

      another, new form field(text_2, on pages 2-4).


      Maybe a "Page Properties" action (i.e., Page Open: field text_2 = field text_1)




      busy but here's why


      In the PDF, there are Form fields on page 5 which interface (externalinterface) with an RMA ( a SWF) on page 2.

      This all works well.


      As the form fields must be carried forward (from page 5 to page 2... to interface the RMA),

      the orignal page 5, From fields are copied to pages 2-4 and then "Hidden".

      Again, this works just fine.


      A reset "action" (button) was added to, well, clear the Form Field for easy reuse.


      The reset ''action' does it's job and clears ALL form fields with the same "Name".... on every /all pages.


      This causes the dynamic interface, with the RMA, to display blank fields (within the SWF).

      This will effect the User's experience.


      Work aound.....


      Find a way to label the Form Fields (page 5) so that "only they" are reset, and no others.


      Create a link of Form Field inputs on page 5 (with names... x,y,z),

      to new Form Fields pages 2-4 (with a differnet names... a,b,c).


      Thanks in advance for your help....