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    Shared Library Linking Question

      I'm building my first site using a shared library swf file. I'm wondering about what elements have to be linked for everything to work properly. For example:

      In my shared library swf, I've got a menu movie clip built. Within it, there is another movieclip with 6 buttons, a couple motion tweens, and a couple graphics inside. So, in my menu movieclip folder, there are about 12 different elements (buttons, graphics, a couple movie clips, etc.

      In any other swf file that uses the menu from the shared library, do I just need to link and bring over the main menu movieclip, or do I need to link every element and bring it over to any swf that uses the menu? Or, is there even a better way to do all of this? I've got at least 6 different swfs that will use this menu. I'd only use it once on the master.swf, but it's nestled within layers on the other seperate swfs for visual purposes.
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          plaing the menu in every .swf file will increase the size of each file. the shared library file will be larger than it needs to be.
          Why not just make one .swf that only contains the just the menu. Then you could create a master file that loads the menu.swf at a high enough level that it is always on top. The other movies (webpages) could be loaded inbetween the master.swf, which you'd probably put on level 1, and the menu.swf. That way only the bare essentials would need to be stored in the shared library keeping its size as small as possible.

          (see Shane Rebenschied's book, Flash MX 2004: Beyond the Bsasics)