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    Question about drives configuration

    cagiali Level 3



      I am setting up a new computer for CS6 (and some gaming).

      I realize that a proper editing station should only be used for editing, but I am just an amateur trying to get better at a hobby I really enjoy.

      I haven't used Premiere since CS2, but I was pretty familiar with the software back then.

      In short, this is more of an artistic learning process than a commercial project, I hope that makes sense.

      Vast majority of my source footage will be uncompressed AE exports, with lots of image senquences and 2d animations. Occasionally some short DV clips.


      Most of the parts have already been ordered, but I am still considering adding 2 more drives.


      Already ordered:

      • i7 3770k
      • Asus Maximus V Gene
      • GTX 680
      • 32GB Gskill Ripjaws (4x8GB)
      • Seasonic 760W
      • 1x Samsung 840 Pro 256GB
      • 2x Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000 1TB


      Planning to buy: 

      • 1x 300GB Velociraptor 
      • 1x 500GB Samsung USB 3.0 for documents/backups


      I would prefer that the backup drive to be external, I have the space for internal, but would prefer to avoid it. Open to suggestions, of course.



      I still can't figure out which of these options sounds better, and would love to hear some feedback anyone might like to share:

      • 1x Samsung 840 - OS/Programs
      • 2x A7K1000 1TB - Project Files/Media Cache/Export
      • 1x 300GB Velociraptor - Media Files/Scratch Disk/Pagefile
      • 1x 500GB Samsung USB 3.0 - documents/Backup




      • 1x Samsung 840 - OS/Programs
      • 1x A7K1000 1TB - Project Files/Export
      • 1x A7K1000 1TB - Media Cache/Pagefile
      • 1x 300GB Velociraptor - Media Files/Scratch Disk
      • 1x 500GB Samsung USB 3.0 - documents/Backup


      Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading!