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    I can't install Flash player on my Mac.


      When Flash player 11.5 came out, I thought I would upgrade from my previous Flash player and install it. However, when I downloaded it and tried to run the installer, it immediately crashed. I didn't even get to the first screen of the installation process.


      I read that I had to uninstall my old version of Flash, so I did that. Then tried again, and the same thing.


      Deciding that having the old version of Flash was better than no version at all, I attempted to get the previous version (10.3 I think it was? I'm not sure...whichever one Adobe directed me to). I was able to download, and begin the installation process, but then when the progress bar showed up, it would always stop and notify me that the installation failed.


      I've tried getting both versions numerous times. I've read the troubleshooting tips and I can't find a solution. Now I have no Flash player and I can't seem to get any version to work. Help!