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    after beta 3 to flex 2 Final, design mode probs and...

      i get a 'warning' when i switch to design mode now. This is on a project that had no warnings or errors in Beta 3. the warning is vague, pointing to no source lines:

      Severity Description Resource In Folder Location Creation Time Id
      1 Design mode: Error during component layout. Choose Design > Refresh to refresh design mode. kIR_Dashboard.mxml kIR Dashboard July 11, 2006 11:06:26 AM 15

      The other issue with the same app, is that a title window with a background of blue - that again rendered correctly when built in Beta 3, now renders in grey. nothing has changed in the style properties to cause this. Whats going on?

      <mx:TitleWindow height="100%" layout="absolute" showCloseButton="true" close="currentState=''"
      id="InvPreview" title="Investor Overview" roundedBottomCorners="true" backgroundColor="#167bdc"
      borderAlpha="1" titleStyleName="tableheader"
      closeButtonOverSkin="{closeOverImage}" closeButtonUpSkin="{closeOffImage}" closeButtonDownSkin="{closeOverImage}" closeButtonDisabledSkin="{closeDisImage}">