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    White type in text box that has fill with transparency


      This color page in my INDD document has a lot of transparency on it -- in the following stacking order:


      1. At the bottom are two gradient boxes covering the entire page.

      2. Next is a background photo that has a feathered edge.

      3. Then comes my text box that floats over a portion of the background photo. The text box is filled with a purple gradient feather. The text box contains 8.5 pt. white type (Helvetica Neue Medium).

      4. A transparent dingbat overlaps one corner of the text box.


      Where the white type is over the background photo, some color shows through the type. I didn't notice it on the PDF, but sure enough, when the job returned from the printer, you can see it.


      I thought all type except for black automatically knocked out?


      I output the file using PDFX-3 (1.3) because my print service provider does't support 1.4. I underdstand this version flattens the transparency. I have scanned Adobe's "Print Production Guide for Transparency", and learned that areas of complex transparency can cause unintended results. Is that what happened here?


      When I opened the Transparency Flattener and asked it to highlight objects with "Raster-Fill Text and Stroke" or "Outlined Text", this type box is highlighted. None of the other type boxes on this page were highlighted, even where it overlaps the background photo (which has feather applied).

      Several other transparent dingbats (like the one overlapping the text box) are also highlighted as "Raster-Fill Text and Stroke". They are all on the top-most (type) layer.


      This is not a disaster -- it's still readable -- but it's the publication's contact info that is affected, which is important. Maybe next time I won't be so lucky. What should I have done different?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There is simply no way in the world I would have attempted using that amount of transparency in a document being sent to such a printer. Many printers still requiring flattened PDFs are just dropping into an old version of Quark and outputting from there.


          That said, without seeing the actual document it's nearly impossible to tell what's going on.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            It's possible in more current versions of ID to set transparency at the object, stroke, fill and content levels, and I suspect you've applied your effects at the object level. I was able to reproduce what you are seeing both by using the gradient feather tool and going to the Effects panel and applying the feather there to the entire object. Curiously, once the gradient feather tool was used I couln't access the options in the Effects panel or the Object menu.


            In any case, if you are able, select the text frame, open the Effects panel or the Object > Effects > Gradient Feather menu, remove the gradient feather and reapply it to just the fill.


            If you are not able to do that, copy the text, delete the text frame and create a new one and paste back the text, then select the frame and apply the gradient feather to the fill using the Effects panel or Object menu.

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              Stormcloud492 Level 1



              I copied all the elements on the page and recreated the identical circumstance, with the same stacking order, in a new document. When I checked the transparency flattener, the type was not affected. Thanks, I had no idea that you could target the object, stroke, fill and content individually. So I read the whole "Print Production Guide for Transparency" for nothing!
              ;-) Sometimes, menu options are staring you right in the face and you can't see them!


              This toggle between Object, Fill and Stroke in the Effects/"Gradient Feather" Dialogue Box works in a peculiar way, however. After targeting "Fill" with a Gradient Feather, I exited the Effects Dialogue Box. Then when I reopened the it, "Objects" was checked! Then I toggled to "Fill" and it was checked also! So I unchecked "Objects". I confirmed by looking at the data in the window that only "Fill" was now targeted. I exited from the menu. When I reopened the Effects/Gradient Feather Dialogue Box, the same thing happened. I checked the data in the window again, and both "Object" and "Fill" were targeted. It's like a "sticky format" that won't let go!


              Also, when I select Object/Effects, none of the options on the pop-out menu are checked; only after you select "Gradient Feather" and go to the Effects Dialogue Box do you see that "Gradient Feather" is selected. If you were to forget what kind of effect you previously applied, you would have to look through all the effects to find out!


              The long and short of it, your solution worked. Many thanks.

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                Stormcloud492 Level 1


                Sometimes a client gives you mediocre photos and you have to find a way to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear! Transparency is often your only resort. Or sometimes, the design calls for a little "magic".


                In this printer's defense, this print job turned out pretty well, except for this small overprinting error (which I now see was my error). When you have no control over the choice of printer, what else can you do?


                Reading the Print Production Guide for Transparency was a little overwhelming (it's target audience seems to be print service providers), but I learned a lot from it in my own limited kind of way. My only recourse is to try to become more professional myself, which is why I keep posting on your blog. ;-)


                Thanks, as always, for your comments.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I saw th3e same odd behavior with the object/fill checkboxes, but figured it was something weird I had done. Might be a bug...

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                    Stormcloud492 Level 1

                    That's my thinking, Peter. Made me think I was going crazy for a few minutes.