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    How do I remove fonts installed by Creative Cloud / InDesign / Illustrator


      I've just signed up and installed InDesign, Illustrator etc.

      The process has installed lots of fonts such as Hobo and Chapparal which I will never want or need.


      I'm a writer and editor; I have selected and bought fonts for my publications and documents. Some are my own choices, some are mandated by clients and business partners.


      All these are installed as sets in Font Agent Pro. I do not want my Mac - and particularly not my font menus - invaded by other unwanted typefaces. It just makes work slow and messy. There's always the risk that one of the newcomers may clash / be confused with an existing font and cause widows, over-runs, wrong H&J etc etc.


      Please tell me there's a solution. I've tried to remove them both using Font Book and manually from the font folder. Neither works. So I am assuming that they are installed by some kind of setup script. Any suggestions?


      Ken W

      on London's River.