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    InDesign panel: Mouse events dispatched twice on some computers

    Jonas_Roxen Level 1

      We've got a InDesign panel built with the Flex-based SDK and it's running in CS 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 with no problems in a fair amout of installations (100+ different machines in all parts of the world). However, recently two customers reported a very strange issue that left us scratching our heads and I'd welcome any troubleshooting help since we are in the dark here.


      The problem in these two particular instances is that all mouse clicks in our panel are dispatched twice meaning that fold-out tree views are immediately folded back again, drop-down menus are closed right away etc. We have not been able to find any common factors and not reproduced it ourselves. For the drop-down menus in particular we have no custom event handling at all so it's all internal to the Flash runtime as far as I can tell.


      Obviously both problematic computers are out of reach for us (remote parts of the world) and the people who use them are busy in daily production work and can't pause for extended periods of time to allow for in-depth debugging.


      Some observations that may help isolating the bug:


      - On one Mac a newly created user account runs the same version of the ZXP perfectly with the same installation of InDesign CS 5.5.

        - The second problematic Mac runs CS 5.0 and it is said to have been working about two weeks ago with no Adobe updates since then.

        - Both machines have standard Apple mouse.

        - The computers have been rebooted, the ZXP has reportedly been reinstalled, and on the second one I personally ran a Webex session where I witnessed that Kuler (also Flash-based, right?) didn't exhibit the same behavior.

        - During the Webex session I could successfully use keyboard navigation to operate the same widgets (e.g. fold/unfold tree nodes).


      I'm not that familiar with the runtime architecture of these Flash-based extensions to really know if the system-wide Flash Player is involved or if the runtime is entirely bundled with InDesign and not user-upgradeable. One customer tried upgrading to 11.5 just in case but nothing improved.


      The customer with one machine where two user accounts had different behaviors has unfortunately (but understandably) reinstalled the user account since they cannot wait for this to be solved. This leaves me with a single instance (the CS 5, v7.0.4) where this bug is repeatable. Any idea on what I should try next while at the same time not interrupt the person's workflow too much?