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    How To Create a Drunken POV Effect?




      i am making a point-of-view 3d video and i would like to know about how i could make an effect that will show that the one that we are seeing through his eyes, is drunk.


      i am searching for something that will show blurry, slow rem and generally, something to show you are totally drunk .


      thanks, a lot....!!!


      p.s. no matter what the version of your after effects, tell me..

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          David Coiffier Level 1

          I guess you need to combine several effects, and it is a totally subjective matter..

          I would try the CC Time Blend for the remanence, add blur or defocus, driven by a radial ramp, something that reproduce vergence difficulties (twice same image that randomly and slightly separate) and then more subtle effects that limit view to the center. I think first thing to do is to shoot accordingly to your goal. Camera move will certainly be the most important step to succeed...

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I agree with David; a number of effects will do you well. Radial blur set to spin might be good. Some vignetting would probably help. Echo might be another option instead of CC Time Blend depending on the kind of look you're going for.

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              BenjaminMarkus Level 4

              As David said, this is a very subjective matter and it really depends on how you want it to look and feel.  Do you want it to look slapstick like a silent film or serious?  Perhaps some examples might be useful in illustrating what you want.  In the meantine, I'll post the ones that popped into my head.


              If you're after slapstick, then Edwin S. Porter's "Dream of a Rarebit Fiend" from 1906 is a gem of early cinema that uses some very interesting in-camera multi-exposure effects to create a drunken feel.  This could be re-created very easily in After Effects, especially the POV/Long Shot that happens at approximately 1:16.


              You could do this by just simply overlaying two wobbling camera shots or using the wiggler plug-in in After Effects like so:Drunk_Effect.png

              Or, if you're going for more serious look, then I would suggest watching Gaspar Noe's film, "Enter the Void."  The entire movie is a floating POV that spans multiple characters, spaces and time.  It also depicts a lot of substance abuse, including but not limited to alcohol.  One of the things that I think adds to the uncanny realness of the film are the sporadic eye blinks that occur throughout the movie.  This could be recreated by quickly animating 2 black solids over a couple frames.  You could also speed this up or slow it down depending on your character's drunkness.

              Also, you said you're making a 3D video.  Are you talking about stereoscopic 3D or are you just making 3D layers in After Effects?  If it's stereoscopic 3D then playing with the interocular distance and the camera convergence might yield some interesting results, but I'm not sure it would seem drunken.


              Otherwise, I'd just experiment with the different effects mentioned earlier.  Again, depending on what you're after, I'd also add CC Wide Time to the list.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                No idea what it looks like when you are drunk. Other than as a solvant that is part of certain medications, I only drink something like that once every 2 years or so and then always give up after the first few sipps because it tastes so awful... That aside, the others probably are right - crank up the colors, add some vignetting to simulate the reduced field of view, add some wobbly blur here and there...



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                  Pierre Devereux Level 2



                  I believe we need to introduce you to the joys of a glass of good red wine!


                  But true - getting drunk - not so much fun as it might seem!


                  It might be worth a try to use something like the holomatrix type plug in - set opacity really low on a duplicate layer, and then fiddle with the settings - it might add a nice blurry/wobbly effect on the edge of vision?



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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I have finally gotten to where I can finish a drink, but I still can't handle wine. It's just so gross. Why would I want rotten grape juice?


                    Although, this brings up a good point, did the original poster even think to do some research to get some reference material?