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    Memory/CPU Requirements of CF7 vs 5

    Gary1 Level 1
      We are finally upgrading our server from CF5 Enterprise to CF7 MX Enterprise (the CD should arrive this week). However, the server itself is not being upgraded (yet). It's a 5 year old HP NetServer, P3, 700 MHz, 1 GB RAM, running on IIS and SQL Server 2000, Win2K Server. I've checked the hardware requirements for CF7, and it shows we meet the requirements. My question is this: Do some of the features of CF7 require additional CPU and/or memory resources, compared to CF5?

      For example, I've done some testing on a laptop with Flash Paper, Flash Forms, CFDocument, the reporting program, and updated flash charts, and some of the other advanced features of CF7, and they seem to run slower, require more CPU and/or memory.

      Our current server is getting 20,000 hits per day, running 5,000 CFM reports (query/templates) per day, and most of the time fairly quickly (less than 10 secs avg). But the current server is already providing "time-outs" during peak periods. My concern is that after I install CF7, if I upgrade a lot of the current CFM templates to the new features, it will slow down the server even more.

      I'm hoping that CF7 is, in some ways, more efficient, so that "efficiency" might make up for any additional resources required for the new CF7 features.

      Lastly, is it any more efficient to run on J2EE (or the JRUN) that comes with CF7? vs. IIS? At the very least, I could probably convince the company to upgrade the memory from1 GB to 2GB. Will that make much of a difference with all the new CF7 features, compared to today's CF5? Or are they more CPU than memory intensive (realizing you can never have too much memory).

      Thanks for any advice, feedback from anyone who has gone through the upgrade. Thank you.

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          dpretlor Level 1
          I have found the more RAM the better. You can run CF 7 on IIS the webserver that comes with it is not for production purposes.

          When you install it, you will have a choice to make it a standalone server like you are use to seeing or making it a multi-instance server.

          You should definetely read up and be aware of all the different choices you can make before setting up your server.
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            For the CF7 new gadgets, add more RAM. It looks pretty fine, runs smooth but it can chomp ram like hell.
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              Gary1 Level 1
              Thanks for the info. Just to make sure I understand.....The consensus is that using (converting to) the advanced features of CF7 (e.g., Flash Forms, Flash Paper, etc.) is not any more CPU intensive than CF5, but IS more memory intensive, correct?

              I've already downloaded and installed the trial version of CF7, and ran our existing templates on CF7. All except the charts ran OK. But I did notice when trying Flash Forms, Flash Paper, and some other advance features, they seemed to run more slowly, then when using plain HTML forms, and HTML (table) output.

              I thought this slowness would have been more related to CPU usage, vs. memory. But you are saying this is not the case? That by ensuring there is plenty of memory, there should be no noticable difference in speed/performance when converting the templates to the new features?

              Thanks very much for your help/advice.