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    command "create profile" for text


      When i transform a underlined text using the command "create profile", the underline disappears!

      I need to transform the text before to format a pdf for the typographer.

      thanks in advance.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Hi Alessandra.


          I think you are probably using a non-English localization and what you are calling "create profile" is Create Outlines in the English menus. Outlined text is no longer text, so "text decorations" like underlines, strike-throughs and paragraph rules, along with automatic bullets and list numbers are lost.


          In modern workflows there is really no reason for outlining text in InDesign. Most fonts are embedded in the PDF during export, and if you are outlining text to bypass a font restriction you are probably violating the font license that way, too. If you absolutley must deliver outlined fonts, the best way to do the conversion is during the export itself by flattening transparency (which will preserve the text decorations), but whether you can do that will depend on your version of ID and how your document is set up. You can read more about it at Possible bug: oulining text w/ flattener in CS5