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    Navigation bar on Web Help

      We have recently noticed a problem with our HTML Help for our in house application that runs on a network server. The users can navigate to locations that they shouldn't have access to via the navigation bar on the WebHelp. Is there any way to have the navigation bar not visible to the user, or is there any way to "lock" the "Address" bar so that they can't navigate from there? Because of the way our terminal server is set up, we have to have the network drives stay the way that they are currently, so moving to another network drive will not solve the problem. We thought about using an internet server... does anyone have experience with that? Thanks for any advice. Lisa in Roswell
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          Roger N Level 2
          Lisa -

          This is something for your application developers to remedy -if they can, they need to call the browser window without the address bar. If it's a web app, they can use the document.open method, and specify "address=0."

          If for some reason that can't be done, you can create a temporary topic that only exists to redirect the user to a window of your own, with the document.open method, and no address bar. Your original startup window, with all the toolbars stuff, closes itself after launching the trimmed window.

          Not sure what an internet server would do for you in this case - are you trying to keep folks off the web, or out of a server area?
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            lfhall Level 1

            Thanks so much for responding to my question. We are trying to keep people out of a server area. Your suggestion just might work! I'm working at home today so have forwarded your suggestion to a couple of programmers to see if they can do as you suggested. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks again. Lisa
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              Roger N Level 2
              Lisa -

              Your network admins can create groups and permissions to limit user access; the onus should be on them to resolve this.