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    Robohelp changes hyper-links with # sign

    Yaroslaf4ik Level 1

      Hi community,


      Robohelp 9.0.2


      I have an issue with Word hyperlinks. I want to generate a project with 20 separate .doc files as project topics.

      As I want to crossreference these topics, the only good way I found is to add a final topic address in the .doc file as a hyperlink, e.g.:



      But after generation I find that all links refer to the page that contain those links (e.g. http://mycompany.com/index.htm)


      How to  avoid this transformation?


      Or maybe there is a more correct way to do cross-reference? (w/o manually changing generated html files).


      I will appreciate any help as I want to migrate documentation to Robohelp and search the best approach.


      Best regards!