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    IIS 7.5/Windows 7 64bit /CF8 64bit- Wont Run

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I installed CF8 64bit along with Windows 7 64 bit, which has the IIS7.5 but when I try to run CF pages I get a 404.3 error.


      It states that the MIME might need to be added.


      I did a little research on the forum here and could not seem to find a solution.


      Can anybody help


      UPDATE: After posting this ticket I maanged to find a solution, VERY easy. I just needed to go to Windows components and make sure that IIS6 compatibilty was installed, here's the link for anybody else that might hit this problem. IT did mentioned a couple of other steps ASAPI Extensions and Filters, but those options were already checked, so it was just a case of checking one box and then adding it in using CF's web management tool and it was done: