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    Next and Previous buttons do not work in an authored Blu-ray


      I am using Encore 5 and have authored a blu ray. Within encore, when I preview the disk I see that all my menu navigations work fine, all my chapter links work fine and once I start playing a chapter, the next and previous buttons in the preview screen work fine too, navigating to the next or previous chapeter as the case may be.


      I then created a disk image and burned it to a BD-RE disk to test on my PS3. The disk runs and plays fine on the PS3 except for the next and previoud buttons. On Next button click, I get a message 'This operation is not permitted'. On Previous button click I am taken to the start of the current chapter but it never goes past to the previous chapter.


      In Encore I have a single timeline containing a single 15 minute movie (m2v). I create 4 chapters in the movie by inserting Capter points and linked the end of each chapter to the beginning of the next one. My first play is set to the start of the movie and all my menu buttons are linked to chapters.


      What should I do to ensure that the next and previous buttons work in a Blu-ray player? Is this a bug in the software?