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    Publish instance takes a long instance to load


      Hi ,


            I have a server.bat running with 4502 at author instance . I installed the publish instance as well on 4503 and started running with the server.bat file .


            Its taking a very long time to load the page , almost 3 minutes  on the server.bat file , following message is being displayed recursively for the entire time we are trying to display in here :



            05.12.2012 12:27:47 *WARN * DocId$UUIDDocId: Unknown parent node with id d2cca173-8b9e-4957-af5c-9e22bdbf3ae8 (DocId.java, line 268)


            I am checking at logs folder under the server/logs but only see access.txt file .


           Not able to figure out where the error lies and why is taking such a long time to load the page  ?  Does anybody know about this behavior ?