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    The "inactive" category


      First of all, thanks a bunch. This tool is likely to be a game-changer.


      I was wondering about the 'inactive' category, specifically the category called "waiting for next frame". On one hand, when exporting for GPU rendering, this category has a very high value for every second frame or so and a low value for the rest, leading to a good average but with a lot of weird peaks. On the other hand, the 'inactive' category is greyed out - does that mean that posts in this category are somehow less significant than the others?

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          Mark E. Shepherd Adobe Employee

          Hey Boris,  I may have an explanation, but first could you make sure you are using the latest 11.5 version of Flash Player. Let me know what you see when you use that version.


          You've probably noticed we use color in Scout to help categorize the various activites. Grey simply happens to be the color we use for waiting and idle time.



          Mark Shepherd

          Scout Engineering