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    How do you take full page screenshots in CQ5?


      So we are building a site in CQ5, and for QA reasons I have to take full page screenshots of each page.  On other sites, I can use a browser plug in such as Paparrazzi to take full length screen grabs.  However due to the CQ5 firewall, when I try this I opnly get a screenshot of the log in page.  Is there a plug in for CG5 to take screenshots?  Currentyl I have to scroll screen hieght at a time, capture, repeat, then compile in Photoshop.

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          justin_at_adobe Adobe Employee

          The issue you are having is that Paparazzi doesn't support authentication. You should raise this issue with Paparazzi.


          Skitch and SnagIt both have the capability to capture the webpage (with scrolling) in an open browser window. This is more useful IMHO as it allows you to capture each step in a multi-step workflow, e.g. user registration.


          The other alternative is browser automation frameworks, many of which have the ability to perform screen captures at defined points in a test case.


          Note that the issue you are describing with Paparazzi is only a problem in the authoring environement (unless your site requires authentication to access the publish environment).