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    Make a simple "cut" edit in a singular video in CS6 (one video file as opposed to multiple clips).


      I want to be able to do simple editing in CS6. I just spent three hours watching tutorial videos and reading help articles and this forum. I have never used an Adobe video editing program before. I normally use Windows Movie Maker, but it's too simple for my current needs. (Eventually I will learn effects.)


      My problem is that the tutorial videos show examples where there is more than one "clip" being placed on the timeline. That seems to pre-set editing points. I only need to import one longer video file and then cut out frames that I no longer want in the video.


      I have figured out how to set start and end points on the clip, as in at the actual beginning and actual end. But following every single method described (JKL, etc), I still cannot seem to edit frames out of the middle of my videos. I assume this is because I'm missing some very simple method for setting edit points. This is what I need to know.


      I am an extreme novice with this program though I'm somewhat computer savvy. So please no jargon. I know nothing of this program. I did all I could to find my own answers before asking here, but if this is answered somewhere else, please direct me there. Thanks.