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    text exported using flash createJS Toolkit - embedding fonts, @fontface?




      A text box in flash contained in a movieclip "MyTxt_mc" exported as per createJS toolkit results in lines in CreateJS script as :


       (lib.MyTxt_mc = function()

      { this.initialize();

      this.MyTxt_txt = new cjs.Text("The actual text", "30px Arial");
      this.MyTxt_txt.textAlign = "center";
      this.MyTxt_txt.lineHeight = 32;
      this.MyTxt_txt.lineWidth = 205;



      Is there a way to insert getting web fonts from online libraries or from a font file held on the server? As I wish to use other than Arial or default device fonts.


      I've read up about @fontface, but that's a little puzzling as to how to apply it to the flash - html5 output.


      Help for how to / best approach and exact syntax would be greatly appreciated.