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    Add Tags to Document (in X) deletes part of my text!  How  else can I add Alt-text in a figure?


      I'm using X version 10.1.4 on a Mac (version 10.6.8) and I must convert a document written in Word 2008 for mac (version 12.3.4) into a PDF form.  I know almost nothing about Word but I am managing to use it.


      I had an older version of the Word file that I converted into a form and tagged.  Then I added Comments using Acrobat to the form.  Now I have updated the text of the Word file and would also like to have the comments in the Word file so that they will not appear in the Comments List in Acrobat.  I'm not overly worried about the exact reading order but I do want to include Alt-text with the few images that are in the document.  I've added the comments in Word using a combination of textboxes and lines; I use the lines to make right-angle arrows.


      The problem I'm having is that when I use Add Tags to Document (from the Accessibility part of the Tools panel) a large part of one of the pages disappears.  Is there a way to include Alt-text without adding tags?  Or is there some other way to add tags?  I don't know how to read even old PS files, so editing the raw PDF is not part a feasible solution.


      I'm willing to share the document if it helps anyone help me.  I'll be much obliged for any help.