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    Indesign vs. FrameMaker for Book Building


      We currently use FrameMaker 10 to develop our classroom guides. We are starting to use Indesign to create job aids. If possible it would be nice to use one software - plus we are using more graphics in our guides and FrameMaker is a bit more restrictive/limited in this area. One feature that Frame offers that I haven't been able to locate in InDesign is using conditional text to turn entire pages on and off within a book. Today our instructor guide and participant guide are one document with the instructor pages conditionalized to turn off and renumber the TOCs to create the participant guide. Is there a way to do this in Indesign - conditionalize an entire page?


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          As I noted in the thread your started on the FrameMaker forum, without knowing more about how the FrameMaker document is constructed, it's hard to suggest how to replicate it in InDesign. Also, it depends on what release of InDesign you are using.


          However, neither InDesign nor FrameMaker can conditionalize pages, just text within text flows.


          Earlier FrameMaker releases were able to be tricked into flowing two different text flows to appear one on left pages and one on right pages, for student/instructor-like purposes. However, after hiding conditionanlized instructor content to create student manuals still required some manual attention.


          InDesign can place (import) pages from other InDesign documents, as well as PDF pages. You might find these abilities useful.











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