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    Moving pages with chained text




      I cannot figure out how I could re-set the chains that link my text blocks.


      I moved several pages and now adding content is just arduous : bits of text disappear 50 pages later or cover image blocks, etc.


      Is there any option to force Indesign to keep all my pages as they are now while re-setting all the chains correctly, i.e. chaining any my text blocks in the pages order (I have only one large text block for each page, except for some images)



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Are you saying you shuffled around pages inside the documenet and they had threaded text on them? If so, ID keeps the threads running just as they were and now you have spaghetti.


          If you meant something else, like moving pages to a new file, you'll have to clarify.

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            Dypreau Level 1

            I have spaghetti indeed...


            I'm new at InDesign and I didn't expect that moving pages would lead to such a mess.


            Is there any way to force InDesign forget all previous links and re-link text blocks on the basis of the pages progression ?


            Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, English is not my mother tongue

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Your English is just fine.


              The bad news is that the only way to change the order of text in a story (any text contained in a singel frame or set of threaded frames) is by using cut and paste. The sort of good news is that it's actually possible to see where your sphagetti is going so you can move the pages back into sequential order. From the View menu choose Extras > Text Threads  (or the equivalent in the language you use in your interface). when you select a frame you will be able to follow the threads if you are in layout view and don't have Overprint Preview on. Any view that hides non-printables will hide the text threads too.


              Once you've got your pages back into some linear order you might want to swith to Story Editor view (Edit > Edit in Story Editor) so that you can scroll through the entire story like a word processor. This will make the cut and paste much easier.

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                Dypreau Level 1

                I was already in layout view so I could see all the threads, but the problem is that I need to keep the page order as it is now. So basically, I need to have the threads adjusted to the current sequential order, but it seems to be impossible


                Is there any way to export the document in a given format and then import it as a brand new file so ID wouldn't keep the threads ? (I'm using CS6)

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  any export you can do for the text is going to work in the threaded order.


                  So are you saying that essentially you want the text to rethread in the new page order? That might actually be doable using some scripts. There's a sample script that is installed with ID by default called SplitStory (you'll find it in the Scripts panel under Application > Samples >[language of your choice, but I like the Javascript version]. Select a frame or put the cursor in your story and double click the script to run. You might want to do this on a copy as undoing the script could require hundreds of steps depending on how may frames are involved.


                  After running the frames will have the same text, but will no longer be threaded. There are come caveats, though. Biggest is that in untrheaded text every frame starts with a new paragraph. That means that if you have text that crosses a frame boundary in mid-sentence it is now tow different paragraphs, and if the style calls for an indent you'll have some blank space befor the first word. Similarly, a hyphenated word will become two words. If the split is in the middle of a paragraph in a list using automatic numbers the numbering will be incremented for the extra paragraph.


                  If that doesn't scare you off, run the script, then go to Rorohiko.com and find the free TextStitch script that you can run to re-thread  the text on those pages in their new order.

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                    Dypreau Level 1

                    Ok, I'll try that ! Thank you very much Peter