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    New project defaults configuration


      Is it possible to set the new project defaults to work in the following way?


      When I create a new project I would like it to start with two black video clips,


          The first one with the word "TITLE" on it and


          The second one with the words "The End"



      Is it also possible to have the default 'share' setting set to mpeg with my user defined preset as the output configuration?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Whenever you set up your project settings, they remain your 'default' project settings until you change them.


          But your default project settings have nothing to do with the timeline. You can't open a project and have the timeline already filled in with title clips.


          Although you could create a project with those titles on your timeline and use it as a template, starting out with that pre-loaded project and doing a Save As every time you start a new project.


          But there's no such thing as a default output setting. Your Publish & Share settings are whatever you select. (Although, as I show you in my book, you can create a preset for a custom output and have that be available whenever you choose a certain output format.)

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            Apple Miga



            You mention that project settings remain your default until you change them.  On PE 11, how do I change my default project settings?  Ssome of them are greyed out and I can't change them.  Thanks.

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              You can change project settings from File> New project . Click on Change settings button and select whatever setting you want , click ok.


              If you want that this selected project setting should be used in the project , Select " Force selected Project settting on this project " .

              Because in PRE 11 , Even if you set project setting and place any video of different setting in track , Project setting will change accordingly.

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                Apple Miga Level 1

                Hi Coolvideo,  I should have been more clear in my question:   I have an existing project and I would like to change the project settings in my original project.  How do I do this?  Thanks.


                (I did try to do what you suggested, but when  I do that, it's a new project).

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  The only way to change your project settings mid-way in version 11 is to replace the video on Video 1.


                  Version 11 bases its project settings on the first clip you place on the timeline. You can not otherwise change your project settings mid-project.