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    Trouble using in across multiple routers




      So At my work we are trying to get edge inspect working.


      The problem is being a large scale organization we have multiple networks set up. for example desktop PC's are hard wired, while different wireless devices like iOS, laptops android etc all connect to their own specific gateways and routers.


      Because of this Edge Inspect on my desktop can not find the wireless devices I'm trying to connect to.


      Is there any way around this? Can I connect to edge inspect via usb or bluetooth directly to the machine for example?


      If it has to be wifi, what are the tech specs of edge inspect, ie. What ports does it use? Our networking guys are trying to figure it out but can't find much information on the net.


      I'm sure we are not the only ones trying to use Edge Inspect in this kind of environment, any help would be great.



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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Edge Inspect uses port 7682, and no we can't use bluetooth or USB direct to the machine.


          We understand the issues with multiple routers, subnets, etc. It's an issue we deal with here in our office as well. ZeroConf/Bonjour just doesn't work properly in that situation. One solution we've used is to make use of an Airport Express or something similar to create our own private subnetwork that we connect all our devices to. When we connect our computers and devices that wireless network, autodiscovery of devices works fine. However, I can understand that being a security concern for your IT department.


          Alternately, we also connect our computers and devices to the corporate network, wired and wireless, and don't worry about auto-discovery. Then we just click the + button in the upper right corner of the device app and manually enter the IP address of the computer we want to connect to. As long as that IP address is pretty static (which it is for us), we don't really have an issue with that since the devices remember the IP addresses they've used to connect to a given computer. If that isn't working for you, I think that would be an issue with port 7682 not being open.


          Does this help you out? If not, please follow up and we'll see if we can provide more info.



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            HedonisticOne Level 1

            Thanks Mark, I've forwarded your reply on to our networking team hopefully they figure it out.