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    RoboHelp 10, not publishing glossary terms in selected format

    R Tomchuk

      I'm creating a project using a WebHelp layout in RoboHelp 10. In this project, I'm using the Glossary Hotspot Wizard to link key terms and definitions. After running the Glossary Hotspot Wizard, the applied format shows correctly in the project. However, when I publish the project, RoboHelp is not applying the select format.


      This is the Style format used:

      12-5-2012 5-30-19 PM.png

      12-5-2012 5-37-38 PM.png


      This is how a sample glossary term appears in my project, prior to publishing:

      12-5-2012 5-42-05 PM.png

      This is the raw HTML code:

      12-5-2012 5-44-07 PM.png

      Finally, this is how the term appears in my published project output:

      12-5-2012 5-45-13 PM.png

      The hotspot is still there and clickable, but the formatting has not been applied. The problem here is that the user wouldn't know to click on the word unless they move their mouse over the it.


      12-5-2012 5-57-08 PM.png


      Why would RoboHelp would overwrite my selected format like that during published, and is there any fix?