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    Flash Newbie Alert!! - Movieclip that contains buttons

      Greetings all!

      I have a navigational bar that I am constructing. I have a button(category) that when the user moves over it, a movieclip plays which "rolls down" a menu of buttons under the category. The buttons are embedded in the movieclip. Here's the problem. I need the menu to stay where all the buttons are showing until the user moves out of the area of the menu itself. Right now I can make it where when the user moves off of the category button, the menu rolls back up, but that keeps one from using the embedded buttons in the MC. The buttons in the movieclip do work with this scenario.

      If I apply the roll off actionscript to the movieclip itself it will roll back up like I want it to correctly when the user rolls off the area, but none of the buttons within the menu work at all.

      I don't know or understand much of actionscript so any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope you understand what I am trying to accomplish. If I am going about this all wrong, please let me know. This is a rush job and I am probably going to be up all night banging my head against a wall if I can't figure this out. Thanks again for any help.