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    simple mobile app works on testing, but crashes on device (android)

    Kinetic Eon

      Hey guys, I am sure the first thing is I am in the wrong spot, but there is too much going on in this site to find the right location, so flash pro gerneral, is a good place to start.


      I am in a class ar Weber State University, while in basic Flash animation, I am not new to it, but had not really touched it since it was Macromedia.... I decided to do a mobile app as my final project. It is a simple artist app that has buttons that go to biography, image gallery, audio samples and links to my releases. I did the tests and there are no errors or output problems, works like a champ. I could not get flash to recogonize my device so I had to put it on manually. I got it to install, then when I try to open it, my phone buzzes teice then crashes.


      Now I know without looking at the action script or how I have things linked, you can't say what is wrong. BUT I am totally stumped, if you guys could say what "usually" happens with this scenario I can at least get an idea. I keep wanting to blame the publishing, I am not sure I am selecting the right options. new to mobile publishing.


      Here are some of the basic specs for the stage.


      480 X 800 ( a lot of forums and places said this was a good general area for a mobile phone)

      not sure what else to say other than I am using some basic components like the scroll pane and the scroll bar for text boxes. I have the basic stop/start for audio using a simple play btn. I am linking to outside websites for my album releases..other than that, pretty pictures and not much going on...lol


      Thank you, sorry for the long spew of info.



      Rick Mitchell