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    PSE 11 - Trying to Use "Open With" not working right


      Hi - I just bought PSE 11 and have installed it on my computer.  I am trying to right click on a file and use the "Open With" option to open the jpg in the program.  However, the program opens but not the photo.  I can open files within the program by going to "File - Open" just fine.  The program that is on the "Open With" list isn't the right one (it's Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 rather than PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe).  However, when I try to browse to and select the correct file it doesn't show up when I get back to the "Open With" screen.  I've tried uninstall and reinstall.  I've also tried using the program on another user and it works fine there but I don't want to switch all of my info to another user just to open photos.  Photos open just fine in PSE 9 with the "Open With" method.  Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.  Thanks.