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    preview slower with hardware GPU acceleration enabled than software only?


      Sorry if this had been asked before.

      But somehow my preview/playback was slower and choppy once I enable the hardware GPU acceleration(I mean I select the 'mercury playback engine gpu acceleration' under Project-Settings-General')


      I followed the following tips to enable my graphic card, (thanks David)



      I was working on a clip of approx 3 mins long with majority of the footage(1920 and 720) from a DSLR, some 1920 clips from gopro hd2 and some 1440 clips from a P&S camera(scale to 1920 to match the sequence setting). main effects applied (magic bullet looks).


      Before I enabled my graphic card and selected it from the project setting, the preview was ok, nearly smooth all the way except some sections with dynamic links, but once I turn it on, the preview became ridiculously choppy, I couldn't believe my eyes, so I turned it off (select mercury playback engine software only), did playback again, it became much smoother!(or just as smooth as it was when it was under that setting, it's just that comparison gave me a bad impression of my hardware gpu acceleration).



      btw: I'm running on a low spec laptop


      Core™ i7-2670QM 2.2GHz turbo to 3.1GHZ

      8GB DDR3 memory

      NVIDIA GeForce 555M 1GB graphics

      750G HDD(I partition to 150G system drive and 600G media drive) 5400RPM (I know, it's slow)

      currently have about 80G and 400G empty space on two drives respectively.

      15.6” HD display (max resolution 1366x768)


      I know the machine is not a proper workstation to work with CS6, but the hardware gpu acceleration was slower than the software only gpu acceleration was beyond my understanding, not a minor difference we are talking about, it was much much slower!


      Have I done something wrong?

      Any tips would be appreciated.