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    External hard drive as primary media drive?




      Since I'm running on a low spec laptop with a 5400 RPM drive 750G HDD (partition to 150G system drive and 600G media drive) , I'm thinking to add an external hard drive shortly even though I still have plenty of empty space on both drive, but just for the future as the footage eats space quite quick.


      The option on my mind is to build a 2TB external hard drive with a 7200RPM speed disk such as WD Caviar Enterprise 3.5 inch RE4 2TB 7200RPM 64MB SATA II or a Seagate Barracuda 2TB Hard Drive ST2000DM001 + enclosure with USB3.0 interface.


      Once built will this 7200RPM external drive be a better primary media drive than my internal 5400RPM one? I mean storing all my media files for the PP or AE workflow? or the USB3.0 transfer rate is still not as good as an internal drive where it could impact on the overall performance?


      And is there any settings that I need to pay particular attention to?


      Thanks in advance.