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    Older version of After Effects to open old file?

    jonbwgm Level 1

      I have tons of projects in After Effects 6.  One of the reasons I joined Adobe Cloud was because I want to update to OSX Mountain Lion and AE6 won't run on ML.  I just attempted to open one of my old projects, and get the error message "This file was created with an older version of After Effects [6.0(Macintosh PPC)], and can't be opened.  You can convert this file using an older version of After Effects and resaving."  Well, I only have access to my copy of AE6, is it possible through the Adobe Cloud to get a version of After Effects that will open these files so I can up-convert it?  Or any other method to get these files to open in the newest version of AE?  Re-building is not really an option, these are projects that are years old and are continually being updated with text.