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    Organizer help please


      Exporting my photo’s from iPhoto to the desk top and then importing to Photoshop Organizer 11, ALL photo’s show “Missing File” icon (?) in the top left corner when I eliminate photo’s from iPhoto. Why do I have to keep photo’s in iPhoto? Is there a workaround?


      If I import iPhoto photo’s directly within Organizer I loose photo information, ie, Captions, Titles

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          When you export from iPhoto to desktop, you are essentially creating a new copy of photos with all IPTC metadata being brought along. Now if you import these desktop images in Organizer, they should not go missing.


          Can you please select one such file from the Organizer grid, and see its complete location in Information panel?

          Try reconnecting one such file to the actual location (the desktop, in this case) and see if the file becomes connected again.




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            Bearcave Level 1

            Andaleeb, Thanks for your response. Based on your response I did the following:


            Exported photo’s from iPhoto to the desktop with “Title and keywords” checked, and in the File Name “Use Title” selected.


            After the export I deleted those photo’s in iPhoto.


            Imported photo’s from desktop to the Organizer.


            Selected, Reconnect all missing Files even at this time the missing file was not there. Got the message “No missing files to reconnect”


            I then eliminated the photo’s from the desktop and got the missing file icon. I then selected, Reconnect all missing Files and the search began with no results.


            In the information panel for those photo’s the location states:

            Mac HD/Users/barrykniff/Desktop/


            So as I see it, for Organizer I have to keep the photo’s on the desktop.

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              Barbara B. Level 7

              When you import into organizer it doesn't make copies into a library like iphoto does. When you deleted the desktop images, you deleted your photos. If you haven't emptied the trash, just drag them back to the desktop. Now you must use organizer to move them to wherever you want to keep them. For future reference, it's best to put the exported images where you plan to keep them before importing them to organizer.


              The only time organizer makes a copy is when you use the "from iphoto" command. It does so then to prevent itself from writing to the iphoto library and corrupting it. Even then, the copies it makes (usually in your pictures folder>adobe) are the only copies of the image. The catalog never contains actual photos, only a database about them. It's different from the way iphoto works.

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                Bearcave Level 1

                Thank you Barbara, it seems to be working. I thought I would end up with 2 sets of photo's on my computer and that what I was trying to eliminate but after reading your last paragraph I realized that is not the case.